Dunford hits back to win Open Merit

Rob Dunford who won this year's HW Merit Final held at Overthorpe Sports Club
Rob Dunford who won this year's HW Merit Final held at Overthorpe Sports Club

Rob Dunford won the Heavy Woollen District BA Open Merit with a 21-16 victory over home bowler Alec Wolfenden at Overthorpe Sports.

Wolfenden took an 11-4 lead but Dunford fought back to 16-15 before pulling away to secure victory.

Dunford beat Thomas Codman (Overthorpe) 21-18 in the quarter-finals and Les Holmes (Lower Hopton) 21-20 in the semis.

Heavy Woollen Distrcit BA

Open Pairs Competition — Monday July 29.

Preliminary round (drawn 10.30am).

At Denby Grange: P Wyke & W Langer, H Walker & D Jewitt, A Whitworth & S Hirst, B Lunn & J Johnson, G Foulkes & R Lunn, K Nutting & H Jewitt, D McDaid & S Mcfarland.

At Overthorpe Sports: J Gee & L Gledhill, G Mallinson & C Hirst, D Peace & D Taylor, A Jennings & C Kaye, R Dunford & partner, C & E Beaumont, L Holmes & partner.

At Lower Hopton: D Walker & SD Walker, A Wolfenden & N Jewitt, J Smith & J Croft, M Taylor & C Sweeney, P Stephenson & H Lunn, A Fox & S Parkin, J Beverley & G Bromley.

At Thornhill C&BC: D Lloyd & S Clegg, P Hampshire & D Hallos, A Wyke & A Stephenson, T & M Boothroyd, D Bentley & D Batten, J Best & K Whitefoot, I Pountney & T Morton, M Leach & K Ormsby.

Heavy Woollen Parks League

Knock-out - Preliminary rounds to be played by August 24, first rounds on August 31.

Div1 Prelim round: A Thornhill A (scr) v Slazengers (30) at Hightown; B Hightown (scr) v Rock House (20) at Thornhill.

First round: Mirfield OB A (20) v Millbridge A (40) at Slazengers; Mirfield OB B (10) v Birstall (40) at Hightown; Royds Park A (30) v Hanging Heaton (10) at Birstall; Winners of A v Winners of B at Hanging Heaton.

Div 2 Prelim round: Soothill (scr) v Royds Park B (30) at Rock House Park.

First round: Spen Victoria (scr) v Thornhill B (20) at Heckmondwike); Heckmondwike (20) v Rock House Park (40) at Millbridge; Staincliffe (10) v Winner of prelim at Spen Victoria; Holroyd Park (30) v Millbridge B (10) at Royds Park.

League results from July 13.

Div 1: Thornhill 202, Millbridge A 112; Mirfield OB B 203; Slazengers 170; Rock House Park 172, Mirfield OB A 175; Birstall 164, Hightown 177; Hanging Heaton 197, Royds Park A 133.

Standings: Thornhill 1924pts, Mirfield OB B 1820, Hightown 1807, Hanging Heaton 1778, Royds Pk 1643, Birstall 1617, Mirfield OB A 1610, Rock House 1600, Slazengers 1574, Millbridge A 1540.

Div 2: Spen Victoria 133, Heckmondwike 144; Staincliffe 140, Rock House Pk B 104; Holroyd Pk 146, Soothill 136; Royds Pk 143, Thornhill B 128.

Standings: Spen Vic pl 1356pts, Heckmondwike 1286, Staincliffe 1204, Holroyd Pk 1204, Soothill 1201, Royds Pk B 1186, Millbridge B 1166, Thornhill B 1109, Rock House Pk B 853.

Spen Valley Veterans BA Team Singles KO

Prelims to be played Friday August 2 (1.30pm)

Div 1: Spen Victoria A (9) v Lower Hopton (15) at Heckmondwike 1; Hightown A (17) v Mirfield OB A (scr) at Heckmondwike 2.

Div 2: Millbridge A (16) v Mirfield Parish (7) at Royds Pk. Div 3: Hightown B (18) v Overthorpe (5) at Mirfield OB; Mirfield Vets B (30) v Harold Club B (41) at Birkenshaw.