Birstall Terrier: Huddersfield Town crazy

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How far will football fans go to demonstrate their love for their club? I don’t seem to have found my limits where Huddersfield Town are concerned!

Take my car as an example. It has all the usual Town stickers that you often see in fans’ vehicles, plus a few Town soft toys.

But that wasn’t enough for this fan. I have had ‘Lynne the Birstall Terrier’ put on the bonnet and the back window. That would be crazy enough for most people ... not me, however.

I am going to have ‘Huddersfield Town’ down both sides of the vehicle, along with the Town crest on each side.

At the risk of the men in the white coats coming to carry me away, I also confess to pegging out my washing with alternate blue and white pegs.

I can never put two white pegs next to each other as that would indicate a liking for our rivals we love to hate, Leeds United.

I’ve even put myself through physical pain for my beloved club. I have a blue and white football tattooed on my stomach.

Sadly, due to the onset of middle age spread, the football now resembles a rugby ball. But I would never dream of having it removed as it is a testament to my love and loyalty to Huddersfield Town.

I got married six years ago, second time around, to a wonderful man who hates football.

However, he was happy to go along with a blue and white themed wedding. I travelled to our wedding in a white van with the Town crest on the bonnet and a Terriers sun visor, with me in a white wedding dress trimmed with blue.

This theme carried on in our reception room, plus our cake had an edible Town crest on the top tier.

Madness? Yes. But it is football madness and they can’t touch me for it.