Birstall Terrier: The lure of a Huddersfield Town apron

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We all know that football is a business these days, more so for the top clubs who deal in multi millions but the business principle applies throughout all the leagues to a lesser degree.

Part of every football club is the club shop. It sits there at the stadium tempting you to go in and spend even more money after you’ve already bought the match tickets, a ticket for the half-time draw and a match programme.

Despite it being an expensive Saturday afternoon out going to watch your team, I can never resist the lure of the Huddersfield Town shop.

I forget that I was in there just two weeks before and that I know every product stocked there and even all the prices.

It’s the thought that there could be a new product waiting on the shelves; something exciting like a wooden spoon with the Town crest on its handle that I didn’t realise I needed but just have to buy.

I have succumbed to the temptation of buying anything and everything simply because it has the magic words Huddersfield Town on it. Who would have thought I would desperately need so many pin badges and key rings?

I have purchased useful kitchen items such as aprons, mugs and glasses. The fact that I have a plentiful supply of each of these at home, and I never wear aprons, did not deter me. After all, I had spotted the enticing Town crest.

Of course the Huddersfield shop doesn’t stock the range of products you would find at one of the main premiership clubs.

You even find their branded goods in other shops away from the stadium.

Perhaps I should be thankful that I don’t stumble across Town products wherever I shop. I am certainly not running down our shop in any way, as I think it offers a great range of products.

So it’s once more through its doors I go and ... wait, what is that on the shelf? It’s only a rubber duck bearing the Town crest proudly on its breast!

Well, everyone needs one of those to display in their bathroom. Don’t they?