'Fan' leaves Warnock embarrassed to be Leeds United manager

Neil Warnock
Neil Warnock

LEEDS United manager Neil Warnock said he was “embarrassed” to be Leeds manager after the behaviour of one of their supporters at the Yorkshire derby against Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.

Warnock labelled the supposed supporter who ran onto the Hillsborough pitch and forcefully pushed Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland in the face a “moron” and said he should be jailed.

Leeds quickly a club statement condemning the supporter's actions and Warnock told Sky Sports: "I felt embarrassed to be a manager. It was an absolute disgrace.

“I think they should get the guy, prosecute him, and put him in prison. There's no place at all for that.

"Listen, he (Kirkland ) went down like a ton of bricks, but that doesn't make a difference. There's no way he should be on the pitch doing that. I hope we can make an absolute issue of it.

"It spoilt everything for everybody. When I see a moron like that I'm not proud to be Leeds manager.

“I don't mind the rivalry - elbows flying, penalties missed by the referee - but to see things like that -.I'm absolutely embarrassed.

"They had enough security men, but if you've got a person like him with what must be a five-year-old's mentality then you can't stop it."