Simpsons’ double joy

The Simpsons are the Dewsbury Table Tennis League champions for the seventh consecutive season, equalling the record set by Headfield TTC in the 1970s.

The Simpsons just needed a point from their last game against the Terriers to take the title but they eased to a 9-1 win. Richard Lightowler, Jonathan Greaves, and Darren Page won all three of their games while the Simpsons team also consisted of Steve Crosby, Ian Teale, Shaun Bibby, and Chris Wilding.

The Simpsons also were Rosebowl Knockout Cup winners beating the Cuckoos 5-1. Lightowler and Page won two each and Steve Crosby one, as the Cuckoos fought hard but had no answer. Steve Morris beat Crosby for Cuckoos’ win.

The Aardvarks B team finished second in the table despite losing 7-3 to the Aardvarks A team.

Phil Bell was the star man for the A team winning his three games and not dropping a set. He was well supported by Garry Crossley who won two games and Ian Fothergill one. Richard Cooper was in good form for the B team winning two, with Steve Shaw winning one.

The Colts A won the Harding Trophy final with an unbelievable final result. The Colts junior team of Josh Lane, Chris Reece, and Lewis Williamson drew 9-9 with Aardvarks B but the total points scored were added up and it was the Colts who had the most, in a bizarre ending.

Final table P W D L F A Bn Pt

Simpsons 16 14 0 2 124 36 15 43

Aardvarks B 16 10 0 6 101 59 16 36

Battyeford 16 10 0 6 99 61 16 36

Aardvarks A 15 10 1 4 93 57 14 35

Cuckoos 15 10 0 5 88 62 11 31

Terriers 16 7 0 9 86 74 16 30

Colts A 16 6 1 9 70 90 16 29

Spen Methodists 16 2 0 14 29 131 16 20

Colts B 16 1 0 15 20 140 16 18

Final averages P W Av

Richard Lightowler Simpsons 30 29 96.67

Darren Page Simpsons 21 18 85.71

Garry Crossley Aardvarks B 30 24 80

Jonathan Greaves Simpsons 30 24 80

Phil Bell Aardvarks A 24 19 79.17

Ian Fothergill Aardvarks B 27 21 77.78

Ian Teale Simpsons 21 15 71.43

John Flynn Battyeford 33 23 69.70

Steve Shaw Aardvarks B 33 20 60.61

n Nine-year-old Jack Dyson won the Burton Cup trophy with a fine display the Dewsbury League Closed Championships.

The talented youngster had a 30-point start in the handicap event at Heckmondwike Table Tennis Centre, but still performed remarkably well to beat five top Dewsbury players to win the trophy. He is flying up the English rankings, and is a really bright prospect.

Bevan Walker Trophy (H’Cap). Winner: Phil Bell. Runner-up: Jack Dyson.

Jim Brown Trophy (Hard Bat). Winner: Phil Bell. Runner-up: Steve Kosmowsky. Vets Open. Winner: Richard Lightowler. Runner-up: Phil Bell.

Sam West Trophy (Vets H’Cap). Winner: Richard Lightowler. Runner-up: Steve Kosmowsky.

Open Singles. Winner: Richard Lightowler. Runner-up: Steve Kosmowsky.

Open Doubles. Winners: Ian Fothergill & Xiaofei Dyson. Runners-up: Phil Bell & Steve Kosmowsky.

Burton Cup. Winner: Jack Dyson. Runner-up: Richard Lightowler.