Talking Sport: You can’t knock loyalty of United fans

Trevor Watson
Trevor Watson

Say what you like about Leeds United supporters - and plenty do. Many of them might be dumb, but my goodness they’re loyal.

Around 5,200 of them went to Sunderland for the FA Cup third round tie and when you consider that the attendance at the Stadium of Light was only just over 30,000, it says more for those from Leeds than the so-called football mad fans of the north-east.

Leeds are having a poor run in the league and chances of a win weren’t too bright but United very nearly rewarded their travelling faithful.

Sunderland invited to the game their survivors of the famous 1973 final when their Second Division outfit beat Don Revie’s team of stars.

It would have been a nice gesture to also invite the Leeds ‘old boys’, certainly Elland Road followers would have appreciated it.

Fans of other Championship clubs also gave a reminder the cup is still relished.

Sheffield Wednesday recently lost 7-0 at Manchester City in the League Cup but that didn’t deter more than 7,000 from going back there on Sunday and they almost cheered a major upset.

Ipswich took 5,500 to Southampton and saw their side earn a draw while the excitement at places like Yeovil, against Man U, and Blyth, at home to Birmingham, was something special.

The BBC highlights on Sunday featured comment men Jimmy Bullard and Alan Shearer.

The latter wore a smart shirt and tie, Bullard looked as if he’d been dragged off the street after a struggle with his shirt open at the neck and stomach and sporting a pony tail with his hair pulled tightly back.

Casual dress seems essential at the Beeb. Their studio people rarely wear a tie, unlike those of the other channels, who always look smart and as if they actually want to be there.

Checking the sporting diary for 2015 in a national paper and the RL Cup and Grand Finals were listed but there was nothing of the three home Tests against New Zealand.

The RFL need to start banging that particular drum now, especially as the RU World Cup will swamp everything.

Rugby league might take a look at darts.

Their PDC World Championship final made national news and there were numerous features in all papers. Prince Harry turning up helped, I bet he’s never heard of rugby league.

They tell me darts is now officially a sport but I’ve yet to see a player out jogging.

Well done to Sam Burgess for admitting there’s a world of difference between rugby union and league, apart from the fact the grounds and balls are the same shape.

Somebody should have made this clear when he moved from league to union.

Posh writers remain keen to knock him down and he got no help from the ref when his try for Bath against Leicester was ruled out for a forward pass.

You’ll see a lot worse passes allowed in the coming months - unless they go to Sam.