Youngsters impress at Kwik Cricket event

Bradley Teale of Carlinghow at the Kiwk Cricket tournament
Bradley Teale of Carlinghow at the Kiwk Cricket tournament

Headfield and Priestley House Schools will represent the St John Fisher area at the North Kirklees Kwik Cricket finals on June 17.

Headfield won last Tuesday’s Year Five and Six qualifying tournament held at Hanging Heaton, while Priestley House won the event held at Crossbank Methodists.

School children from 11 schools in Batley, Birstall and Dewsbury produced impressive cricket skills.

Seven school teams met at Crossbank Methodists and going into the final round of fixtures, only two points separated the top two schools.

Windmill, unbeaten throughout, suffered a surprise defeat against Healey, while Priestley House, who had lost their opening game to Windmill, earned victory over Field Lane as the top two ended level on points.

Priestley House qualified for the North Kirklees final, courtesy of having scored just 18 runs more than Windmill during the tournament.

Boothroyd, Headfield, Thornhill and Westmoor faced each other at Hanging Heaton.

Headfield emerged unbeaten in the group stages to qualify for that final, after showing some explosive batting and fine bowling.

Boothroyd defeated Westmoor in the final group game and met Headfield in the final.

Boothroyd struggled to score runs off shrewd bowling by Headfield, who sealed a comfortable win to book their place in the North Kirkless Final.

Young Sports leaders, who acted as umpires and officials: Charlie Whitlam, Thomas Scott, Mohammed Kadia, Badar Kashmiri, Byron Wood and Lewis Oldroyd (Thornhill Academy), Numaan Khan, Awais Ahmed, Ahmed Lakhi, Sufyan Khan, Abdullah Salloo, Moheiz Hussain, Adanan Liaquat, Ellis Radcliffe, Wasim Ali, Ebrahim Akalwaya, Amar Laher (Batley BEC).

Finals standings Crossbank Methodists tournament: 1 Priestley House, 2 Windmill, 3 Carlinghow, 4 Warwick Road/Hyrstmount,6 Healey, 7 Field Lane.

Final Standings at Hanging Heaton: 1 Headfield, 2 Boothroyd, 3 Westmoor, 4.Thornhill.