VIDEO Mushy and Mr Burton bring Educating Yorkshire to a tearful close

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Educating Yorkshire stars Mr Burton and Musharaf Asghar reduced the nation to tears as the final episode drew to a close.

With the help of his English teacher, the 17-year-old from Savile Town battled his stammer to deliver a moving speech to his year group.

TOP CLASS Mushy and Mr Burton catch up

TOP CLASS Mushy and Mr Burton catch up

And it seemed like everyone but Musharaf – affectionately known as Mushy to teachers and pupils – was crying.

Mushy, who has had a stammer since childhood, was struggling to get his words out as his prepared for his GCSE English speaking exam.

Mr Burton said: “His stammer was at one of the worst levels it had been at. I just watched The Kings Speech one Sunday night and thought I’d give it a go and miraculously it had some impact.”

Mushy listened to some music – the same technique used in the blockbuster – and the words flowed out. “It was absolute pride,” Mr Burton said.

Mushy said he didn’t immediately know what was happening.

“But looking at the expression on Mr Burton’s face made me realise,” he said.

He and Mr Burton received thousands of messages of support on Twitter when the episode aired last Thursday, with many saying how they were overcome with emotion.

But more importantly Mushy achieved his vital C grade and is now studying at college. “The hard work paid off,” he said.