Get ready for Action with Leeds gig

Catholic Action, gig at the Headrow House.
Catholic Action, gig at the Headrow House.

Break through guitar cardinals Catholic Action are heading for Leeds this week when they will be promoting their new album and single.

The Glasgow band will be playing a gig at the Headrow House, in Leeds, next Wednesday (November 8) after unveiling a slick, low-slung anthem ‘Black & White’. A calculated and precise slow-burner, the single inverts the raw and unpredictable sound showcased on previous single ‘Propaganda’.

It was written by frontman Chris McCrory as a reaction to finding out about the death of David Bowie.

Catholic Action’s album, ‘In Memory Of’, is also out now via Modern Sky. A vivid collection of smart guitar-pop anthems, the record is as rewarding as it is challenging and features BBC Radio 1 favourites ‘L.U.V.’ and ‘Propaganda’.

The record has garnered critical praise and combines a youthful energy with an innate songwriting prowess. Despite having nods toward guitar pop from the past and present, the album has its gaze truly fixed in the future.

See and hear for yourself at Catholic Action’s Headrow House gig when they will be joined by Nottingham upstarts Kagoule.