Flamboyant musical brings joy to theatre

The auditorium lights dimmed, a glitter ball spun into action and the familiar opening bars of It’s Raining Men were greeted with rapturous applause from an excitable audience at Leeds Grant Theatre.

Divas Emma Kingston, Ellie Leah and Laura Mansell descended on wires in dazzling dresses to sing the disco favourite, while male dancers dressed in every colour of the rainbow gyrated below.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert had arrived in utterly flamboyant style.

Fun and flirtatious, the show was packed with catty one-liners, physical comedy and innuendo.

Truly incredible costumers came in every shape and size from skimpy gladiator outfits to purple koalas, each adding to the feeling that we were watching the greatest party in the world unfold.

The live band and cast gave it all during musical numbers that were among the most memorable I’ve seen on stage.

At the centre of it all were a trio of drag queens – played superbly by Jason Donovan, Richard Grieve and Graham Weaver – who set off on an adventure across Australia.

Beneath the armour of glitz and glamour were three defiant men flying in the face of convention, often facing prejudice and mistrust.

By the time they stood together atop Ayers Rock singing We Belong in full showgirl attire, they had won all our hearts. A truly uplifting and joyful night.

Georgina Morris